Our repository

The College Archives’ archival collections are held in our purpose-built archives repository located on the ground floor of the Marden Wing (Old Wing). Completed in April 2019, the repository offers a secure, climate-controlled and pest-free environment for proper preservation. Archival materials are freeze-treated upon arrival and stored in acid-free containers.

Repository specs 1

Archives repository specifications #1-5 (full size)
Repository specs 2

Archives repository specifications #6-10 (full size)

Entrance of the repository
Interior 1

Interior of the repository
Interior 2

Interior of the repository
Freeze treatment 1

Archival materials are freeze-treated at -30°C for at least one week to prevent pest infestation
Freeze treatment 2

Items to be freeze-treated are placed in archival boxes and then wrapped in plastic bags to avoid condensation on the item surface
Freeze treatment 3

Reusable silica gel desiccant is used to absorb moisture to prevent condensation within the bag
Photo binder 1 Archival box 1
Photo binder 2

Photographs are placed in acid-free archival sleeves for preservation and labelled for identification
Archival box 2

Documentary records are placed in acid-free archival boxes for preservation

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Last updated: 2 January 2021