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Foundational collections

The following collections were received by internal transfer in the early days of our archival programme. They form the foundational collections of the College Archives. Click the images below to access the collections.

College records
St. John’s College fonds (FSJC)

This fonds comprises documentary records of the College administration dating from the foundational years of St. John’s Hall (1912), including minute books, registers, administrative files, letters, financial records and legal documents. There is a small number of records related to St. Stephen’s Hall (1922) and the Hong Kong Union Theological College (1956).

The majority of materials in this fonds are still being processed and remain uncatalogued. At the moment, we are focusing on cataloguing and digitising photographs. Their descriptions are available under the “Photographs” subfonds (FSJC-PH).
St. John’s College Students’ Association fonds (FSJCSA)

This fonds comprises records of the undergraduate students’ association of the College. These include records of general meetings and elections (e.g. agenda and notices, motion papers, minutes, and ballot papers), cabinets, proposed cabinets and committees (e.g. cabinet meeting agenda and minutes, forum minutes, working documents of cabinet members, correspondences and notices). The earliest records date back to 1974.
SA records
Student life records
St. John’s College Student Life Collection (FSTU)

This collection consists of assorted publications, photographs, artefacts and memorabilia that document undergraduate student life in St. John’s College. These items were retrieved from various corners of the College campus during the founding years of the College Archives, or transferred to the College Archives after their creation or use. They were arranged into a single collection to facilitate access and management.

We are still in the process of cataloguing all materials in this collection. Some materials have been catalogued, and their descriptions are now available under the following subcollections:

  • Artefacts (FSTU-AT)
  • Publications (FSTU-PB)
  • Photographs (FSTU-PH)
  • Pennants (FSTU-PN)

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Group photos
Group photos

Check out the group photos from our collections and see if you can identify yourself!

Read the yearbooks and reminisce or learn about life in St. John’s at different times.

Last updated: 28 February 2021