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  1. Copyright Notice

  2. Conditions Governing Use of Digital Objects

  3. Takedown Policy

Copyright Notice

Unless otherwise indicated, all contents (including texts, pictures and graphics) featured on this website are the copyright property of St. John’s College.

You may use these contents subject to the following conditions of licence:

  • You may freely use, reproduce and distribute these contents.

  • You are required to acknowledge this website as the source of the content, and St. John’s College of the copyright owner.

The licence above does not apply to digital objects. Please see the conditions governing use of digital objects for the terms of using digital objects.

Conditions Governing Use of Digital Objects

Some of our archival materials have been digitised and are available for access as “digital objects” on this website. To learn more about how we make digital objects available here, please review our policy on access to digital objects.

You may download digital objects from this website and use them subject to the following conditions:

  • You are free to use the digital objects for private study and research.

  • You are required to acknowledge this website as the source of the digital object, and provide the reference code of the archival material.

  • Your attribution statement may take the following form:

  • Courtesy of the Archives of St. John’s College, The University of Hong Kong [reference code]. Available at St. John’s Legacy.
  • You are not allowed to use the digital objects for commercial purposes, save with the prior written consent of the College Archives and of the copyright owner (if any). Please contact us for enquiries.

In the event that St. John’s College owns the copyright subsisting in an archival material which is the subject of a digital object, the foregoing conditions constitute the copyright licence under which the digital object is made available on this website.

Takedown Policy

The College Archives will promptly acknowledge receipt of complaints (including copyright infringement complaints) about contents featured and digital objects made available for access on this website. We will disable access to contested contents and digital objects pending resolution of the complaint. Please contact us for enquiries.

Last updated 2018-11-22