Policy on Access to Digital Objects on St. John's Legacy

St. John’s College Archives is committed to facilitating as wide access as possible to our archival materials. We are continuously digitising our archival materials and making them available for access as “digital objects” on St. John’s Legacy. All digital objects are watermarked.

Levels of Access to Digital Objects

  • Level 1: Full access to the master digital object, reference display copy and thumbnail.

  • Level 2: Access to the reference display copy and thumbnail only.

  • Level 3: No access.

The level of access for which a digital object is made available is determined by the Executive Team of the College Archives. The Access Policy of the College Archives provides a reference point for making such decision.

Open Records

Digital objects of open records are available for Level 1 access.

Closed Records

Digital objects of closed records are not available for access (i.e. Level 3 access).

Restricted Records

Digital objects of restricted records may be available to the public for Level 2 or 3 access. Depending on user type, authenticated (i.e. logged in) users may have Level 1 access upon logging in to their accounts.


Master digital object is the original, unaltered version of a digital object uploaded to St. John’s Legacy. Users with the requisite access right can view a master digital object by clicking on the reference display copy on an archival description’s view page.

Reference display copy is a low-resolution version of a digital object on an archival description’s view page.

Thumbnail is a small, low-resolution version of a digital object displayed on search / browse result pages and in carousel views.

Last updated 2018-11-18