About the College Archives

We strive to be the caretaker of the College's collective memory

Located in 82 Pokfulam Road and built on Anglican foundation, the College of St. John the Evangelist (St. John’s College) is the oldest residential college of the University of Hong Kong, with a history dating back to 1912.

In May 2016, a group of undergraduate residents launched the ‘Retracing St. John’s Project’ with a view to establishing a permanent archives at the College. The Project grew and prospered with the full support of the College management and under the guidance of alumni and various individuals.

The College Archives was formally established in November 2018, with a subcommittee created under the College Council to govern and advise on the archives’ operation and development. This gives us official mandate to advance and sustain the College’s heritage conservation effort.

Our archival collection consists of College administrative records, student life records, artefacts and other ephemeral items, the oldest of which dates back to 1912. They reflect not only the growth of the College and the lives of its proud alumni, but also the evolution of HKU and society at large.

The archival materials contain important information that informs the College’s present and inspires our future. We strive to make our collection accessible to St. Johnians and the public in an effort to unlock their value. St. John's Legacy is intended to meet this aim.

Aside from archival management, we are also committed to the study and documentation of the College’s history and heritage through historical research and oral history.


  1. To identify, collect and preserve the College’s archival and other intangible heritage and facilitate access to the same

  2. To promote the College’s history through the use of archival resources, historical research and oral history

  3. To raise awareness of the importance of archival and heritage conservation


The College Archives is governed by the College Archives Subcommittee under the Campus Life Committee of the College Council. The main function of the Subcommittee is to advise and guide the College Archives on strategic development and policy issues.

The daily administration of the College Archives is entrusted to the Executive Team, which is appointed by the College Archives Committee.

The Executive Team is assisted by a group of student helpers, who have kindly contributed their time and effort to process the College’s archival materials.

The College Archives is grateful to Mr Orion Lee (SJC 1F 2012-2015) and Mr Neo Yi Siang (SJC 4F 2017- ), webmasters of St. John's Legacy and Retracing St. John's, for their IT support.


The College Archives’ purpose-built repository was completed in April 2019. Located at the back of the Students’ Common Room on G/F, Marden Wing, the repository provides a climate-controlled, secure and pest-free environment for proper preservation of archival materials.

Access Policy

The College Archives is committed to facilitating as wide access as possible to our archival materials. Nevertheless, some restrictions on access are inevitable due to the needs for confidentiality of persons and institutions whose activities are reflected in the materials. For details, please read our access policy.

Book Collection

You may explore the College Archives' book collection on the College Library's online catalogue.

Last updated 2019-07-12